KALA Silver Plated Round Wound U-Bass Strenger

649,00 NOK

  • Nylon core with Silver-plated windings
  • Specifically constructed for use with the Kala U-Bass
  • Provides player with extreme playability
  • Warm, powerful sound with clear note articulation
  • - String construction and gauging gives player very accurate intonation
Modell/varenr.: KA-BASS-4
Lagerstatus: På lager

This unique bass string set is specifically constructed of a nylon core with silver plated windings. These round wound strings provide a warm booming sound that the U-Bass is known for. They feature lower tension compared to traditional built bass strings, making them easy on the fingers with a great overall feel.



  • Passer til: U-Bass
  • Antall strenger: 4
  • Type/Overflate: Round wound
  • Materiale: Nylon core with Silver-plated windings
  • Stemming: EADG
  • Passer for skala: 
  • Farge: Stål
  • Tykkelse: .050 .065 .095 .110
  • Produsert: USA