Aquila Thundergut U-Bass strenger

290,00 NOK

  • 4-string set
  • For EADG tuning
  • Suitable for 18-21“ scale
  • Bright and powerful sound
  • Short stretching phase
Modell/varenr.: 68U
Lagerstatus: På lager

Aquila 68U - Thundergut, Bass Ukulele String Set, 4-String

Thundergut® is a special very elastic and dense material developed by us in our headquarter that assure superior performances over the common polyuretane and silicon rubber strings for the Kala UBass or Ashbory Bass available in the market. Thundergut® assure fast and stable intonation, higher string tension and sustain as well as easier playability. Their smooth surface will not get sticky or slippery when your fingers get sweaty. Thunderguts offer a punchy tone with hight treble response with a lot of acoustic volume! Short stretching phase, bright powerfull sound, stable tuning

  • Passer til: U-Bass
  • Antall strenger: 4
  • Type/Overflate: "Gummi"
  • Materiale: Thundergut
  • Stemming: EADG
  • Passer for skala: 18-21"
  • Farge: gul/brun
  • Tykkelse: 2.40 - 3.00 - 4.20 - 5.00mm
  • Produsert: Italia