Aquila LAVA Ukulele Strings

129,00 NOK


Bruk drop down for å filtrere til rett type strengesett, start med Ukulele størrelse, deretter stemming.

Høy G (gCEA) er mest vanlig, altså øverste strengen er stemt med en lys G.

Lav G (GCEA), der er den øverste strengen stemt i en lav G, altså du får en bass streng på Ukulelen.

Aquila Strings proudly presents the NEW LAVA SERIES® ukulele strings. A grey-black string colored with a touch of mother-of-pearl inspired by “volcanic rocks”. Our Lava Series®, naturally inspired by volcano, an hawaiian symbol of new life, is our respectful homage to the hawaiian people who made the ukulele worldwide famous and share their happiness with thousand of people all around the world. The Lava Series® strings maintain the same identical mechanical and sound propieties of our famous white-pearl Supernylgut® ukulele strings. Enjoy it!



  • manufactured from Super Nylgut
  • for GCEA tuning with high G-string
  • gauges (mm): 0.60, 0.77, 0.92, 0.65
  • grey-black with pearl sparkle
  • defined, bright sound with excellent attack
  • smooth surface
  • Super Nylgut is stronger and more durable than normal nylon
  • short stretching phase and high tuning stability
  • string ends color-coded
  • made in Italy