Aquila Sugar Ukulele Strings

129,00 NOK


Bruk drop down for å filtrere til rett type strengesett, start med Ukulele størrelse, deretter stemming.

Høy G (gCEA) er mest vanlig, altså øverste strengen er stemt med en lys G.

Lav G (GCEA), der er den øverste strengen stemt i en lav G, altså du får en bass streng på Ukulelen.

The Aquila Sugar ukulele strings are made using a newly discovered blend of polymers derived from sugar- cane. With a transparent look, the sound of these strings is brilliant, clear and prompt. Unlike Fluorocarbon strings, these strings have an excellent vibrato and a significant timbre variations when played either close to the bridge or above the sound hole. They contain the sweetness and vibrancy of gut and the clarity and promptness typical of Fluorocarbon. Aquila Sugar strings feature a sustain that is superior to any type of string currently available in the market. Also their sound projection outmatches that of Fluorocarbon strings. Although possessing an extremely smooth surface, they offer remarkable grip.



  • strings for Soprano Ukulele
  • manufactured from a new polymer derived from sugar cane
  • for GCEA tuning with high G-string
  • transparent
  • clear, brilliant and prompt sound
  • vibrance of gut and promptness of Fluorocarbon
  • superior sustain and sound projection
  • string ends color-coded
  • made in Italy